MTI R&D Center – The heart of the company

We completely refitted our R&D center. Equipped with perfectly configured machines of the latest generation, it is ideally suited for developing new products, optimizing processes and building on existing customer applications.

Our services

To identify necessary process and machine parameters, a theoretical examination will generally fail to generate the required information. Instead, recording real data through empirical tests is essential for confirming assumptions.

At our R&D Center, we have everything we need to do just this, such as facilities to produce small quantities and, under conditions likely to be encountered in industrial practice, to run all the main processes such as mixing, coating, drying, agglomeration, granulation and heating/cooling.

  • Process development
  • Process optimization
  • Performance design
  • Reliable scale-up for plants up to 8,000 liters
  • Production of sample quantities
  • Training for machine operators

  • Laboratory Mixer

    for gathering initial experience with your product and process.

  • Reliable scale-up

    through production-scale trials. Absolutely no problem for us.

  • Good results

    through detailed recording and evaluation.

The machines

For simulating batch processes, we have vertical and horizontal mixing systems available for trials.

  • Vertical laboratory mixer for small quantities from 1 to 10 kg
  • Vertical universal mixer Uni tec for batches up to 220 l
  • Horizontal mixer 1,600 l
  • Vertical high-speed mixer 400 l
  • Heating/cooling mixer combination for trials on a production scale

Our machines are equipped with a wide variety of special extras and peripherals for virtually any mixing task. It goes without saying that we use a product-neutral stainless steel design and state-of-art instrumentation and control technology.

The team

Coming up with ideas and solutions for your material processing is part of our day-to-day work at the R&D Center. With a team of experienced and competent process engineers, we face up to your challenges. For your products of tomorrow.

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