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EXTRUSION International – February 2017

High-performance mixer aspiration ensures constant process conditions

With the launch of Vent tec® 2.0, MTI Mischtechnik presents a new generation of its proven high performance aspiration systems for heating/cooling mixer combinations. Unlike conventional solutions, these devices are the first ever to control their operation autonomously as a function of actual process parameters, thereby providing constant processing conditions irrespectively of changes in process and ambient conditions.


Automating the mixing process

Robots were everywhere at K 2016, doing all sorts of things from manipulating car bumpers to throwing basketballs into a hoop (the latter demonstrated on the Wittmann stand with an eerily-effective 100% hit rate). But perhaps one of the most unusual and imposing robotic demonstrations was to be found on the stand of mixing technology firm MTI Mischtechnik.

K-AKTUELL – October 2016

Shake it – the robot mixer

Unbelievable, there is a Titan, the largest robot of Kuka at the MTI booth in Hall 9, and hurls "barrels" through the air. The barrels are mixing containers and the mixing robot is a world novelty in the industry. "Container mixers already exist, but those that do not work independently of the size, and that is what is required."

K-ZEITUNG – October 2016

Mixing 4.0 – Technology leaps in the niche

MTI Mischtechnik, Detmold, has prepared to do nothing less than revolutionise the world of large horizontal and vertical mixers. They do this by solid engineering and clean craftsmanship with a team that acts in concert, as Managing Director Christian Honemeyer points out to K-ZEITUNG.

EXTRUSION International – April 2016

Surface treatment with maximum efficiency

Where surfaces of inorganic recipe components have to be homogeneously, completely and reproducibly coated with functional coatings in batch processes, high-performance universal mixers of the Uni tec® series from MTI Mischtechnik offer significant advantages over conventional systems.


High-speed mixer for fast, cost-efficient working

The vertical high-speed mixers of the Flex®-line series from MTI Mischtechnik are individually configurable process plants for the manually or fully automatically controlled preparation of bulk goods. Depending on the model, potential applications range from its use as a mixing unit for homogenising a wide range of raw materials with varying parameters by means of friction, to complex processes that are aimed at obtaining specific product properties.


Equipment makers mix it up

The trend across the compounding industry today is to more flexible production. Suppliers of batch mixers are responding to that with the development of mixing machines that are more compact, more energy efficient, and easier and quicker to clean and maintain. Meanwhile, manufacturers of continuous mixing equipment are not standing still. This article looks at the latest developments in both sectors and explores why compounders might consider moving from one technology to the other.

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