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Inoutic was founded in 1956 by the Anger brothers as a pioneer in the field of plastics technology and profile extrusion. Since then, the company has evolved into a leading European manufacturer of PVC systems and is well-known worldwide. Its precision technical products for windows and doors, façade and roof claddings, and outdoor decking and fencing systems link interior and exterior building design, setting standards of quality, function and reliability.

»We were very dissatisfied with the mixer equipment previously sourced from another manufacturer. In particular, the service life of high-wear parts such as, e.g., the heating mixer vessel failed to meet our expectations. Switching to MTI technology has brought us substantial improvements. The price/performance ratio is correct, and MTI's service is outstanding. All this confirms that we were absolutely right to opt for MTI.«

Markus Stowitz
Extrusion Coordinator & Head of Mixing at Inoutic

The Project

At the start of our cooperation with Inoutic, the company’s mixing equipment, which had been in service for many years, no longer met today’s demand in terms of throughput, service life and maintenance expenditure.  Space constraints proved a critical factor and posed a special challenge when it came to modifying and optimising the machines.

The Solution

MTI’s Retro tec® product series enables the replacement of worn modules on mixers of any make, in addition to providing enhanced wear resistance and ease of maintenance while at the same time boosting line capacity.

Heating mixer vessels with an increased wall thickness, made of highly wear-resistant duplex steel, and a conversion to MTI horizontal cooling mixers have delivered output gains of up to 30 % plus a substantial cut in operating cost due to the extended service life of the new components.


  • Horizontal Cooling Mixer

    Essential increase of capacity by replacement of a vertical system with a high-performance cooling mixer MTI Flex-line

  • Heating Mixer Vessel

    Optimised heating mixer vessel for a substantially extended service life

  • Hard facing

    A special wear-resistant coating of the entire tool surface guarantees highest availability.


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