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Murdotec specializes in thermoplastic semifinished products made of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE/PE 1000) and high molecular weight low-pressure polyethylene (HMW-PE/PE 500). To this end, the Dortmund-based company relies on innovative production technologies such as computer-controlled/monitored press lines and advanced, eco-friendly raw material preparation methods.

»We opted for MTI because of the outstanding mixing results we obtained right in our first tests at their R&D Center. Moreover, through the many years of cooperation shared so far, we have found MTI to be a very reliable company, which we appreciate as just as much as their excellent customer-focused service.«

Suresch Brun
Operations Manager

The Project

A standard-setting product quality and maximum cost-efficiency – these were the requirements imposed by our customer in the planning of the new production line. Consistent with the properties of the raw materials employed, special importance was attached to an optimum dispersion of all pigments in addition to maximum throughput. The aim was to set up a production operation that fully meets today's as well as tomorrow's demands.

The Solution

Several MTI high-speed mixers, each perfectly adapted to the line's particular specifications, were integrated into a cutting-edge equipment environment. Featuring unsurpassed cleaning properties for fast colour changes and a design embodying thermal process management, the MTI mixers have excelled by delivering maximum performance right from the start-up date.


  • Vertical High-Speed Mixer

    Shortest possible cycle times

  • Advanced equipment environment

    Integrated system solution for fully automatic operation

  • Optimised mixing tools

    Designed for unsurpassed pigment dispersion


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