Accessories MTI Horizontal Mixer


More than just perfect mixing

The well proven MTI horizontal mixers are perfectly adaptable to virtually all applications and industry sectors with a wide range of accessories – for mixing, dispersing, granulating, coating, heating/cooling and drying.

Perfect ventilation


Be cool

Insulation of all cooled vessel plates


Double jacket made from stainless steel

Great variety

Alternative discharge design – for any situation

Another exit

Mixer equipped with additional discharges

Quick check

Discharge for taking samples – easily accessible – without interruption of the production process

Get it in

Additional inlet sockets, variable in size and position

Dispersing aid

Chopper to optimise the process

Weight watching

Mixer on load cells, e.g. for control of the discharge rate

Is there a space requirement?

Alternative drive configurations

Climatic control

Air conditioning for control cabinet

The right interface

Connection to external controls: PN/PN-coupler, DP/DP-coupler, potential-free contacts, etc.

Suitable input modules

Various panel sizes available – from functional to big size touch screen – also in a separate housing

Control it yourself

Mixer without controls – wiring to terminal boxes only

Bridge support

UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) against power drop or failure

Explosive mixtures

Mixer design according to ATEX

Good atmosphere

Nitrogen inerting & O2-measuring

Cope with any pressure

Heat exchanger for indirect cooling water supply


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