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The All-Rounder

A future-oriented line of mixers with high energy efficiency and maximum productivity combined with predefined mixing quality. Universal application for a wide variety of processes such as mixing, coating, granulating, dispersing, drying etc.

Extensive accessories match our vertical universal mixers perfectly to your process.

Clean air at work


The right lid for every mixer

Lid design according to buyer’s requirements

Directed injection of liquids

Lance in the vessel wall or lid with special design nozzle to prevent dripping

Dispersing aid

Chopper to optimise the process technology

Ideal temperature

Vessel with double jacket or electrically heated, with or without insulation

Longer life period

Enhanced wear protection for vessel and tools

Tailor-made finish

Material qualities and surface treatment

Control is better

Discharge for taking samples – also under pressure or vacuum

Dropping options

Additional discharges

Controlled sealing

Vessel designed for vacuum or overpressure

The right level

Steel subframe for a tailor-made mixer installation

Control it yourself

Mixer without controls – wiring to terminal boxes only

Suitable input modules

Various panel sizes available – from functional to big size touch screen – also in a separate housing

Climatic control

Air conditioning for control cabinet


Remote maintenance / teleservice for quick support

The right interface

Connection to external controls: PN/PN-coupler, DP/DP-coupler, potential-free contacts, etc.

Bridge support

UPS – Uninterrupted Power Supply against power drop or failure

Explosive mixtures

Mixer design according to ATEX


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