Container Mixer C tec PRO


The new dimension for efficiency and flexibility

MTI C tecPRO – the revolution of the conventional concept in batch mixing and the new benchmark for efficiency and so far unrivalled flexibility. The six axes of the robot allow almost any motion of the mixing container, even for processes without rotating mixing tools.

While at previously favoured machines the mixing head is permanently fixed and has to be cleaned manually when changing the product, the MTI C tecPRO never gets into contact with the mixture.

A completely closed system is generated through the innovative lid design with integrated mixing shaft which enables various tool configurations. Each new batch can therefore be processed by using individual tools without any manual modification of the machine itself.

As the MTI C tecPRO is never contaminated by the mixing product, the sequence of recipes can be combined individually. From black to white without any downtime of the machine – the MTI C tecPRO marks the new status quo.

The MTI C tecPRO replaces several conventional batch mixers within a production line and different machine sizes become obsolete. The usual complexity in production planning drops with a simultaneous increase in capacity and flexibility.

The sequence in using different container sizes (up to 600 l) for ideal filling level of each container is not limited at all, leading to a significant optimisation of production planning and material flow management – for reproducible best quality of the mix.

Only the new MTI C tecPRO allows a remarkable decrease of manufacturing costs, ensuring your future competitiveness. While conventional container mixers require numerous manual production steps that eventually limit the overall capacity, the MTI C tecPRO automates individual operations for maximum productivity.

The new MTI C tecPRO is designed to substitute up to four conventional systems, requiring not more than 2 operators for full handling and thus leading to substantial savings of human resources and costs.

MTI C tecPRO – Focus on the future.

Product benefits

  • For all vessel sizes up to 600 l
  • No cleaning when changing the recipe
  • Significant increase of batches/hour
  • Optimum production lots by individual container combinations
  • Full automation for considerably higher efficiency
  • Individually configurated tools for each single mixing cycle
  • Economic production even for single batches


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