Heating/Cooling Mixer Combination Eco-line


Right on the mark in price and performance

With the Eco-line, MTI offers standardized heating/cooling mixer combinations with excellent throughput rates at an outstanding price. Uncompromising technology with very low operating costs.

Product benefits

  • Optimum cost/performance ratio
  • Very high specific output of up to 12 t/h for PVC standard applications such as pipes, window profiles, cable compounds etc.
  • Suitable for double-batching and similar processes
  • Short delivery time through the high level of pre-fabrication

Areas of application

Available types

M 100  |  K 400
M 250  |  K 800
M 350  |  K 1200
M 400  |  K 1600
M 500  |  K 1600
M 600  |  K 2400
M 750  |  K 2400

M 850  |  K 3300
M 1000  |  K 4250
M 1200  |  K 5000
M 1350  |  K 5000
M 1500  |  K 5000
M 1850  |  K 6000
M 2000  |  K 8000

Special solutions

For the Eco-line, a choice of machine equipment is available, also for ATEX-approved design. An overview of customised accessories can be found here.

You will find practical examples in the areas of application section.


  • Tools

    in proven process engineering design for outstanding dryblend quality

  • Additional discharge

    for optimum integration into the production chain

  • Aspiration

    Perfectly dried mixtures through highly effective mixer aspiration


Learn more about perfectly matched accessories for the individual adaptation of your mixer


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