MTI Retro tec

Reconstruction of vessels and tools of all makes

MTI Retro tec is the answer to the growing worldwide demand for replacement mixing vessels and tools for heating/cooling mixer combinations, high-speed mixers and cooling mixers of all makes.

The MTI Retro tec system has made it possible for the first time to record and register data for such parts on site – quickly and inexpensively.

Benefit from our 40 years of experience in the construction of mixing systems.

Product benefits

  • high-quality and economical
  • much extended service life – thanks to product-specific material selection
  • use of existing add-on parts
  • outstanding price-performance ratio
  • component optimization and use of additional components, e.g. MTI aspiration system, lance for liquids addition, etc. …
  • one-time on site measurement is sufficient for all subsequent replacements

How does it work?

When ordering mixing vessels and mixing tools, our specialist will record and register the technical data on site. This is basically the only way to ensure that the new parts and possible additional components fit the existing machine perfectly, and that the requirements relating to the machines and processes are reliably met.

Once the details have been recorded, our engineers are in a position to produce 3D drawings that form the basis for the quality manufacture of the parts at our own plant in Detmold.

With cooling mixers, we supply you with a performance-optimized MTI replacement system that can also be subsequently connected to your existing heating mixer and receiving vessel.

So that we can draw up an offer for you without obligation, geared precisely to your individual inquiry, we first need some data. For this, please download the MTI Retro tec product brochure and complete the form on page 2. Ideally, you would send one or two photos showing the overall setup and perhaps how the equipment is integrated into the space available.

Why not challenge us and request an offer – with no obligation?

Top-quality spare part solutions

MTI Retro tec for mixing tools

Worn mixing tool


Reconstructed mixing tool


MTI Retro tec for vessels


After: New heating and cooling mixer vessels


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