Heating/Cooling Mixer Combination Flex-line


Perfectly combined: tailor-made system solutions

For 40 years the proven standard to meet the highest requirements on mixing quality also for demanding tasks relating to dry blending, compounding, coating etc.

Product benefits

  • Excellent mixing quality and outstanding cooling performance
  • Maximum productivity through process-optimized detailed design and use of energy-efficient components
  • Process-oriented system solutions in line with the modular principle
  • Machine sizes, drive systems and equipment options can be individually configured
  • Intuitive operation of state-of-the-art control concepts for every level of automation with interfaces for integration into complete systems
  • Different ATEX versions available

Available types

M 250  |  K 800
M 400  |  K 1600
M 500  |  K 1600
M 600  |  K 2400
M 750  |  K 2400
M 850 | K 3300

M 1000 | K 4250
M 1200 | K 5000
M 1500 | K 5000
M 2000 | K 8000
M 2500 | K 8000

Special solutions

We supply made-to-measure machines to satisfy your needs.
You can find design examples in the areas of application section.


  • Mixing tools

    optimized in terms of process engineering, modular structure, optionally also coolable (as shown)

  • Heating mixer lid

    with swivel-tilting function for particularly easy cleaning

  • Load cells

    Placing of the cooling mixer on load cells, e.g. for the metered emptying or controlled filling of downstream systems


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